MIXER VIDEO FOR-A HVS-300 FULL HD-SD noleggio/rental

MIXER VIDEO FOR-A HVS-300 FULL HD-SD noleggio/rental

Service di noleggio REGIA VIDEO FULL HD completa da 2 ad 8 camere con personale

Mixer HD/SD Portable Video Switcher con 8 canali HD/SD SDI + 4 hdmi


HD/SD Portable Video Switcher
HVS-300HS/300RPS “1M/E HANABI Portable”

The HVS-300HS and the HVS-300RPS is the newest addition to FOR-A’s popular Hanabi series and represents one of the most powerful, compact, broadcast level switchers on the market.
Although small, the HVS-300HS 1 Rack Unit main frame (HVS-300RPS is 2U) is packed with features including frame synchronizing and re-sizing engine on every channel which allow any Standard Definition equipment to be used in full HD mode. It also has plenty of wipe patterns including 2D and 3D DVE transitions. The HVS-300 series also has keyer with chroma key, DSK, dual Picture-in-Picture, 16-channel Multi Viewer, Still Stores and much more.
It is perfectly suited for a wide-range of applications including studio, live event, sports, Flypacks, ENG/SNG OB vehicles, House of Worship, news, live staging and corporate productions.

Compact Main Frame

The HVS-300HS incorporates up to 12 inputs and 8 outputs, Frame Synchronizer, Re-sizing Engine, Still Store, Keyer with Chroma Key,DSK, and a wide array of other functions in a compact EIA 1U size.

Redundant Power Model: HVS-300RPS

The HVS-300RPS model has in addition a redundant power supply installed in a 2U frame. All input, output, system features and additional I/O options are same the HVS-300HS 1U model.



8 HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs are provided in the standard configuration. This includes 2 PGM outputs and 2 AUX outputs. With optional I/O cards we can provide up to a maximum 12 Inputs and 8 Outputs, including analog component, analog composite, DVI, and RGB.

Supported Formats;
1080/60i, 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/24PsF, 1080/23.98PsF, 720/60p, 720/59.94p, 720/50p, 525/60 (NTSC), 625/50 (PAL)

Frame Synchronizers

Each input is fitted with its own frame synchronizer which can be turned on or off for minimum delay.
This also allows any sources without genlock capability (such as consumer devices or computers) to be used. When “genlocking” everything, we provide Black Burst or Tri-level sync output. Proc Amp features are also provided for each input.

Up-converter/Re-sizing Engine

Up-converter/ re-sizing engine is provided on every input. Should you need to use Standard Definition equipment in HD mode, just plug in. This is ideal for users making the transition to HD production.



The HVS-300HS and the HVS-300RPS also supports many types of interfacing, such as RS-422, Editor, ARCNET, Ethernet, GPI and Tally.


One Keyer and one DSK are as standard features for the HVS-300HS and the HVS-300RPS. The Keyer provides an easy to use broadcast level Chroma Key. Both Keyer and DSK are equipped with a 2D DVE for positioning graphics or over the shoulder shots.


For transitions the switcher offer CUT, MIX and over 100 wipe patterns, plus 56 2D/3D-DVE Wipe patterns. It also has separate transitions for the keyers and picture in picture functions. And these effects are can be modified from standard patterns.

2 Still Stores

The switcher also comes with 2 dedicated still stores, which can upload or download images (JPEG and TARGA) via the USB port. The USB port also makes up&down-loading user settings quick and easily.

4/10/16 Split Multi Viewer

One of the most popular new features of our switcher is its built in 16-channel multi viewer, a standard feature of the HVS-300HS and the HVS-300RPS. You can freely assign any input or output (program or preview) to the multi viewer, using either its 4, 10 or 16 channel display. The multi viewer also features tally and titling functions so that users always know which signals are going to each output.

Split Multi Viewer

2 Picture-in-Picture

2 Picture-in-PictureFor box shots, over the shoulder shots and graphic display, there are two dedicated Picture-in-Picture channels that can display a compressed image of any input from 1% to 25%. These are in addition to the keyer DVEs. Users can also Expand, Squeeze, Crop and add Borders with the dual Picture-in-Picture mode.
These effects can be assigned to user buttons so that fade-ins, fade-outs, slide-ins and slide-outs for Picture-in-Picture transitions can be operated by single button operations.
OSD (On-screen Display)

On-screen DisplayOSD is provided for access to controls from every control panels to allow switcher settings to be displayed on a preview output so that configurations can easily be modified and status verified at a glance.
4 Control Panels
The HVS-300HS has 4 types (HVS-300RPS has 3 types) of control units. These control units are available to suit any working environment and provide a level of redundancy to support any operator or engineers production needs.