Skytec SPJ-1000AD mp3 10″ Bluetooth Active PA Speaker System 400W diffusore portatile noleggio/rental

Skytec SPJ-1000AD mp3 10″ Bluetooth Active PA Speaker System 400W diffusore portatile noleggio/rental

This compact, wonderfully portable active PA system from Skytec is everything the user needs to set up an instant speaker system to fuel vocals and music; fitted with a durable 8″ premium woofer and polished off with 1″ titanium compression driver for the higher frequencies. The SPJ-PA908 comes with fully integrated amplifier mixer, including sound element controls such as treble and bass; as well as microphone echo effects which can really enhance vocals for singing or public speaking purposes. With bluetooth compatibility, you can stream audio directly from a mobile device (such as iPhone), or benefit from the USB and SD card slots to operate the large LCD display and on-board MP3 player. Or just use RCA line inputs to connect other external audio devices such as CD players! This active speaker system would be ideal for small PA applications and mobile PA using the included built-in battery power; or would be incredible for aerobics and dance with the wireless handheld microphone included. This system has the active speaker, instructor or vocalist in mind: even featuring a remote control for the MP3 player; so users can be free of cables and wires during use. Fire up your music on the go using this stylish, lightweight speaker system and be assured of its crystal-clear output and flawless frequencies.


  • Quality 10″ woofer
  • 400W of power output
  • Suitable for mobile PA applications, aerobics / dance, karaoke and more
  • 1″ titanium compression driver
  • Integral USB SD/MMC media player
  • USB and SD card slots
  • Remote control for MP3 player
  • Blue LCD display showing ID tag
  • Hard-wearing ABS casing
  • Wireless microphone included
  • Wonderfully portable and lightweight
  • Also suitable for house parties and DJs


  • Output power: 400W
  • Frequency response: 50Hz – 19kHz
  • Woofer size: 10″
  • Tweeter: 1″ Titanium Compression Driver
  • Operating frequency: 200.175MHz
  • Power supply: 220-240Vac / 50Hz or 12V/3A battery
  • Dimensions: