Soundcraft MH3-24 Channel Mixer – Noleggio/Rental

Soundcraft MH3-24 Channel Mixer – Noleggio/Rental

Noleggio a partire da euro 220,00 + IVA

The MH3 24 configured with 24 input channels. 24 inputs feature microphone and line level connections, an additional 4 stereo inputs are provided as well. The stereo inputs enable flexible auxiliary routing for monitoring mixing applications. The console features 8 group outputs enabling routing to monitors, external recorders, etc. The MH3 series implements Soundcraft’s legendary sound with its’ new high-headroom microphone preamps and classic British EQ section, delivering the sonic quality expected of more costly consoles.

Additional features include a 12 x 4 matrix mixer (expandable to 12 x 8) for added routing flexibility and an integrated meter bridge, enabling accurate metering.

The MH3 series is available in five frame sizes with legendary Soundcraft sound quality delivered via a new high-headroom mic amp, classic British EQ and rigorous circuit design:
24 mono/4 stereo, 32 mono/4 stereo, 40 mono/4 stereo, 48 mono/4 stereo, 56 mono/4 stereo

Soundcraft MH3 24 Features:

24 Mono, 4 Stereo Input Channels
The MH3 is available in a variety of frame configurations. This model features 24 mono and 4 stereo inputs.

8 Subgroup Outputs
The MH3 series features 8 group outputs for routing to external recorders, monitors, etc.

Matrix Mixer
The matrix output mixer provides added routing flexibility.

8 Auxiliary Sends
8 auxiliary sends provide plenty of routing to external effects, monitors, etc.

Direct Outputs
All mono inputs provide direct outputs for direct routing to recorders, mixers, etc.

High Performance Microphone Preamplifiers
The MH3 microphone preamplifiers provide an ultra low-noise floor while maintaining high output gain.

  • Triple mode console versatile design: allowing FOH, Monitors, or Monitors from FOH configurations
  • Semi-modular in blocks of 8 for flexible layouts and easy serviceability
  • Up to 23 Mix Busses include: 12 aux sends, 8 group outs and left/center/right bussing
  • Flexible Auxiliary Bus structure with 2 stereo sends for in-ear monitoring
  • 8 group busses and 12 aux busses in FOH mode
  • 12 monitor busses (12 mono, or 8 mono + 2 stereo) in Monitor mode
  • Swap mode allows fader control of Aux outputs in Monitor mode
  • Integral 12 x 4 matrix, can be expanded to 12 x 8 with optional matrix module
  • 3-band EQ on FX Returns 1-8, switchable to Group or Aux outputs
  • New Mic Pre-Amp design with high headroom and outstanding CMRR
  • New EQ design with focused response
  • LCR panning on inputs
  • 8 VCA groups and 8 Mute groups with snapshot automation and MIDI control, plus 128 Mute Scenes
  • Integrated control of BSS Audio Varicurve™ and dbx DriveRack™
  • Integral LED bargraph metering for all inputs and outputs
  • Optional VU output meterbridge